Malaysian Green Technology and 

Climate Change Centre (MGCC)

A government agency under the purview of the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change (MESTECC) - MGCC's role is to introduce various programs and incentives to advocate the use of green technology in key economic sectors across the country.

Chief Executive Officer, Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre

Mr. Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor is the Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (MGCC), the primary driver for green technology and climate change development under the purview of the Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment & Climate Change, Malaysia.


Prior to joining MGCC, He was the Vice President for Sustainable Business Network Association Malaysia (SustNET), the primary driver for the integration of Sustainable Development Goals into business practices. He was previously the Chairman for Green Project Management Awards, Managing Director for Syngas Renewable Energy and was the Executive Director of Saham Utama Sdn Bhd. Prior to that, he was the CEO of Polymal Corporation, which he successfully turned around from successive losses to accumulated profits of PAT RM4Million within the fourth year and successfully repositioned Polymal Corporation into a major manufacturer and producer of extruded thermoformable plastic sheets in South East Asia with business sales in USA, Europe, Japan, Australia, India and South Africa.

In 2014, Mr. Shamsul Bahar was awarded the patent approval in 40 countries for a renewable energy system that converts waste plastics into commercial Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Oil (EN590), winning him the MOSTI’s Innovation of the Year Award, Malaysian Green Technology Corporation’s Catalyst Award and the United Nation’s Global Cleantech Innovation Award for Green Technology Renewable Energy Systems.


He now directs and oversees the company's overall operational policies, initiatives, and goals to spearhead the country’s climate change agenda and to drive sustainable economic development.

He holds a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from University of Portland, USA, Applied Physics and minor in Mathematics from Linfield College, USA. Given his passion for sustainable development and life-long learning, he is currently pursuing his doctorate in Sustainability Management from the University of Science, Malaysia.








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