19.12.2021 - 25.12.2021


Lead State
Government :

Sabah State Economic Planning Unit

Lead Agency :

Sabah Tourism Board


Sabah, known as ‘Land Below the Wind’, is a Malaysian state situated at the northern part of the island of Borneo. It is world-known for its 4,095m-tall Mount Kinabalu, the country’s highest peak which is crowned with distinctive granite spires.

Tourism is its third largest income-generating sector. Striving to ensure that tourism remains an important economic pillar, the Sabah Tourism Board continues to promote and market Sabah as a world-class premier eco-tourism destination.

Sabah Tourism works closely with other agencies such as Sabah Parks, Sabah Wildlife, Environmental Protection Department, Sabah Museum and Sabah Cultural Board to promote Sabah as a nature-based destination supplemented with rich traditions, cultural heritage and warm hospitality.

Its charms include virgin rainforest, beautiful idyllic islands, marine biodiversity, world-class conservation and wildlife sanctuaries, as well as diverse cultures. Further complementing the attractions are a selection of fine hotels and beach resorts available for the discerning travellers. Comfort is further enhanced by world-class golf courses, sophisticated meetings and conferences facilities, first-rate marina facilities and endless outdoor activities for team building. Celebrated islands include Sipadan and Mabul which are well-known diving destinations.

Sabah is easily accessible via several direct international flights.

The Sabah Ministry of Trade and Industry is leading Sabah Week to promote the state’s products and investment.



Sustainable forest management, forest restoration, conservation efforts, biodiversity and wildflife are among the Sabah state’s highlights. Among the conservation efforts is the Heart of Borneo, a conservation agreement initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature to protect a 220,000 km² forested region on Borneo island that is known as Asia’s last great rainforest. The state is also sharing conservation activities involving the communities such as the Tagal Hutan System or social forestry.

Sabah is taking the opportunity to promote business investment into the state especially for flagship industrial parks under the Sabah Ministry of Trade and Industry. Its Department of Industrial Development & Research (DIDR) is bringing entrepreneurs in the food industry, especially Sabah local food producers, to explore export potentials at Expo 2020. Some of these companies have successfully penetrated foreign markets.

Additionally, there will be a display of non-timber forest product such as madu kelulut (stingless bee honey) and aroma-based products. Visitors can purchase Sabah souvenir items such as eco bags, traditional bead necklaces and snacks, or watch a demonstration of traditional handicraft and be entertained with cultural shows such as ethnic dances, bamboo musical performance and shooting darts with a traditional blowpipe.