2.1.2022 - 8.1.2022


Lead Ministry :

Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)

Lead Agency :

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC)


Malaysia is a top international medical tourism destination, a recognition afforded by the UK-based International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ) which stated that Malaysia outranked the United States in 2019 with 1.3 million medical tourists compared to the US’ recorded 550,000 inbound patients.

The IMTJ also ranked Malaysia as the top destination in terms of volume of inbound medical travellers for three consecutive years while the US-based International Living magazine acknowledged Malaysia as the Best Country in the World for Healthcare.

Malaysia’s thriving healthcare travel industry has been growing steadily over the past decade especially with the establishment of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council in 2008. Since then, the industry has doubled in size, welcoming 1.2 million international healthcare travelers in 2019 alone with total spending of RM1.5 billion. This success is attributed to the world-class quality, almost-real-time accessibility and competitively affordable healthcare, complete with a seamless end-to-end patient journey experience that provides healthcare travellers ‘Quality Care for Your Peace of Mind’. ​

Leveraging on the unique service offerings, Malaysia will continue to drive greater brand awareness, appeal, and confidence in its attractiveness as a leading global healthcare at Expo 2020​.

The Malaysian Healthcare Travel Council brings together the industry players offering the last mile services for patients, to showcase their products and services.



The Medical Tourism Week, with the tagline “Global Excellence and Seamless Experience”, is led by the Ministry of Health Malaysia and Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC).

The Council has chosen several products to promote including Malaysia as a Centre of Excellence for cardiology, oncology and fertility treatments, while for preventive healthcare the products are DNA screening and health screening.

Malaysia is also promoted as a wellness sanctuary for traditional and complementary medicine and rehabilitation.

Highlights of the week include the “Healthcare Technology and Medical Treatment Symposium” with the theme Malaysia: World’s Healthcare Marvel for 100 participants.

The Council will hold a Business Networking Breakfast besides bilateral meetings with stakeholders from the UAE, Qatar, United Kingdom and Australia, to create business and spur the industry’s growth further. Apart from these, a Malaysia Healthcare Referral Programme is also organised.