23.1.2022 - 29.1.2022


Lead State
Government :

Johor State Economic Planning Division

Lead Agency :

Johor Corporation (JCORP)


Johor state will highlight three main components that make Johor unique and an attractive business and tourist destination. They are:

Economic Powerhouse

Johor is the home to Malaysia’s first economic growth corridor, the Iskandar Malaysia. This has no doubt contributed to making Johor one of the states with the most developed economy in Malaysia.

The careful planning of economic areas in Johor by the State Government and efforts by various state agencies (Johor Corporation, Iskandar Region Development Authority, Iskandar Investment Berhad, and others) to promote the economy and industry in these areas are its key success.

Keeping abreast with market evolution, Johor has also embarked on the Johor 4.0 agenda which aims at transforming the state into a leader in digital economy, pioneering in digital and e-commerce businesses such as cashless payment services and digital healthcare service.

Meanwhile, on the property front, the Ibrahim International Business District (IIBD), located in the middle of the Johor Bahru city center, is the crown jewel of property development in Johor. Johor also features gated and broadband-ready residential parks, huge malls carrying renowned international brand names, industry specific integrated industrial parks and modern high-yield plantations.

Beautiful Preserved Nature

Hailed as the Southernmost Tip of Mainland Asia, Johor is fortunate to be blessed with a wide spectrum of unparalleled beautiful nature that are popular international tourist attractions. This is with its beautiful sandy beaches and enchanting islands (Sibu Island & Tioman Island), tropical rainforests (Endau Rompin National Park) and even natural phenomenon in the form of fireflies found at the many mangroves and wetlands of Johor.

Colorful Cultural Heritage

Johor is a haven which offers everything for a bargain. Walk through the Bazar Karat Night Market at Johor Bahru city center or through the newly build B5 Johor Street Market to experience Johor cultural heritage while hunting for unique bargain items.

For history lovers, walk into a time zone of heritage and visit the Sultan Ibrahim Building and the Royal Museum. Watch and experience  Johor’s popular Malay dances Kuda Kepang and Zapin, or enjoy the traditional Malay music, Ghazal, played with the harmonium, violin, gambus, guitar, tabla and maracas.

To further appreciate the rich and diverse culture of Johor, look no further than the Johorean delicacies. Get your hands on a mouthwatering plate of Laksa Johor, Asam Pedas, Mee Rebus, Mee Bandung, Lontong or Nasi Ambeng and enjoy the rich taste of Johor cuisine.



The promotion of Johor state at Expo 2020 is led by the Johor Corporation​ and supporting agency Johor State Economic Planning Division​.

The State Government will participate in Expo 2020 to attract investments into various sectors as well as trade with a strong delegation of agencies and private companies. Participants include the Iskandar Region Development Authority, Iskandar Investment Berhad (which oversees the development of Iskandar Puteri in education, creative, tourism, leisure, health and wellness sectors), Iskandar Capital Sdn Bhd (integrated sustainable living), i2M Ventures Sdn Bhd  (global business solution and emerging technology), KPJ healthcare Bhd (private healthcare services), Kulim Berhad (agriculture and plantations), N2W Sdn Bhd  (digital apps) and TPM Technoparks Sdn Bhd (industrial parks).

Topics or areas that will be highlighted are international business district, integrated development, leisure, education city, residential properties, commercial and industrial parks, tourism, healthcare, medical tourism & wellness, food and beverages, plantation and agriculture, nature & culture, technology & e- commerce and Waqaf (hubous or mortmain property).