17.10.2021 - 23.10.2021


Lead Ministry :

Ministry of Environment & Water Malaysia (KASA)

Lead Agency :

Malaysian Green Technology & Climate Change Centre (MGTC)


Eco products and services that provide solutions to environmental challenges have fast becoming one of the growing markets worldwide. Rising public interest in the environment has led to an increase in demand for more green products and services. Manufacturers responded quickly to public interest by labelling their products “green” or “environmentally friendly”. This had contributed to the rise of “green washing” which is the conveying of false impression or providing misleading information about how the products are more environmentally sound.

In addressing this issue, the Malaysian government has introduced the MyHIJAU Mark, a label that recognises certified green products and services. The MyHIJAU Mark forms part of the MyHIJAU Programme which seeks to spur the development of eco products and services as well as sustainable production and consumption. The MyHIJAU Mark validates certified green products and services thus, providing an increase in awareness and informed purchases for genuine green products. These products and services are listed in the MyHIJAU Directory, Malaysia’s national online platform showcasing green products and services, providing a guide for green procurement while offering registered manufacturers/resellers and service providers greater visibility and recognition for their green offerings.



This programme is led by the Ministry of Environment and Water Malaysia and Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre.

There will be a talk on the Malaysian Government’s initiatives to promote eco products and services and its recognition scheme for green products and services. The talk will provide an insight into Malaysia’s industry and SME development, policies, master plans, blueprints, tax incentives and financing facilities as well as creating green marketplace including green procurement/purchasing for the government, private sector and public consumers.

During Week 3, a forum on “Green Products and Services Towards Sustainable Consumption and Production” will be held with presenters from Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre.

There will also be pocket talks by companies involved in biodegradable and composting packaging products, biodegradable cleaning agents, organic fertilisers and agricultural products. Several companies will be brought in by the Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) for business matching and to seek potential business.