21.11.2021 - 27.11.2021


Lead Ministry :

Ministry of International Trade & Industry Malaysia (MITI)​

Lead Agency :

SIRIM Berhad


Towards Becoming a Primary Destination for Smart Manufacturing

​Manufacturing is a major component of Malaysia’s economy contributing about 23% to its GDP. Up to 89% of companies in the manufacturing sector are small and medium enterprises, mostly domestic-focused but with great export potential. The manufacturing sector has played a key role in turning Malaysia into a major player in the global value chain and rapidly turning the country into an industrialised nation.

In recent times, the manufacturing sector has seen rapid progression. From mass production with the use of intensive labour force in production lines, to the use of robotics to increase efficiency, the manufacturing industry is constantly evolving with increasing automation.  A strong manufacturing sector would pave the way to enhanced productivity, job creation, innovation capacity, high-skilled talent pool and ultimately economic prosperity and societal well-being. This would position Malaysia as a primary destination for smart manufacturing globally and attract more high-tech investments.

In 2018, the World Economic Forum and management consultancy A T Kearney ranked 100 countries on their ability to manufacture for the future. The rankings considered factors such as technology, human capital, global trade and networks, and reliable institutional frameworks as key drivers for Industry 4.0. Malaysia was one of only two non high-income countries in the “Leader” quadrant, attributed to its current strong production base and ability to transition to the smart manufacturing factories of the future.



The Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing week at the Malaysia Pavilion is led by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Malaysia (MITI) and its agency, the Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).

Also participating are MIMOS (National Applied R & D Centre), Federations of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), Malaysian Rubber Gloves Manufacturer Association (MARGMA), SIRIM-Fraunhofer Programme, Serba Dinamik IT, SIRIM QAS International and SIRIM STS.

In line with Malaysia’s target to become a primary destination for smart manufacturing, the programme will focus on the following:

  • Demonstrating Future Readiness – Display of competent and highly skilled workforce of the nation
  • Leading Standardisation Initiatives – Showcase of standards, guidelines, best practices, specifications development
  • Creating values through SMART Innovation + Sustainable Practices – Demonstrating smart innovation development programmes based on Regulatory / Innovation Sandbox
  • Cyber Physical Progression – Exhibiting nation retrofitting potential through System Integrator (SI) to enable Industry 4.0